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Scott Hersey

Postdoctoral Scholar 2011 - Present

Schlinger 105c
email: shersey [AT] caltech
(626) 395-3194


Ph.D., Enviornmental Science and Engineering, California Institute of Technology, 2011

B.S., Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Rice University, 2006

B.A., Civil and Enviornmental Engineering, Rice University, 2006


Research Interests

My research consists primarily of field measurements of aerosol composition and hygroscopicity with the PILS and DASH-SP, respectively. I also dapple with the AMS, PILS-TOC, and filter sampling. Current work involves discerning sources of the carbonaceous component of Los Angeles aerosol, and determining the effect of varying composition on aerosol hygroscopicity in urban air.

I also like long walks on the beach, growing my own food, making music, and riding pulses of oceanic energy from far-away storms.


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