Jason Pic

Andi Zuend

Postdoctoral Scholar 2009 - Present

Schlinger 109
Mail Code 101 - 20
email: zuend [AT] caltech.edu
(626) 395-3194


Doctor of Sciences degree in the atmospheric chemistry group of Prof. Dr. Thomas Peter at the Institute for Atmospheric and Climate science (IAC) (Dr. sc. ETH Zurich), Switzerland, 2004 - 2007

Diploma degree (Master degree) in environmental science, ETH Zurich, Switzerland, 2003

Diploma student in environmental science (atmospheric physics and chemistry) at ETH Zurich, Switzerland 1998 - 2003


Research Interests

· General interest and current studies are related to atmospheric aerosols, their composition, non-ideal thermodynamic behavior and the calculation of such liquid particle mixtures including organic-inorganic interactions.

· Thermodynamic modeling of organic-inorganic mixtures related to atmospheric aerosols to predict water activity and phase stability (AIOMFAC model based on the LIFAC model).

· Modeling liquid-liquid phase separations and phase stabilities in organic-inorganic aerosols at thermodynamic equilibrium (LLE).

· Computing the gas/particle partitioning including potential liquid-liquid phase separations of mixed organic-inorganic aerosols.

· Simulating the microphysical structure of single crystal ice Ih surfaces (a kinetic Monte Carlo model).

· Developing efficient algorithms and computer programs using Fortran 90 / 95.


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