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Sonjong Hwang
Sonjong Hwang came to Caltech in 1998 as the director of the Caltech Solid State NMR facility. He was born in Hongsung, South Korea, in 1964, received his B.S. from the department of chemistry, Sogang University, Seoul, Korea, in 1987,  and Ph. D. in physical chemistry from Iowa State University, in 1994. Before he joined Caltech, he spent a few years as a postdoctoral research associate at  Ames Laboratory (USDOE) and Purdue University, and as a visiting scholar in the department of physics, University of Lille, Lille, France.

Post Doctoral Research Associate
Chul Kim
Dr. Chul Kim received his BS degree in chemistry at Seoul National Univesity, Seoul, Korea, and completed MS in 1993, and Ph. D. degree in Physical Chemistry in 1996 under the supervion of the Late Prof. Jo Woong Lee. Before joining Caltech, he has been apponted as post doctoral scholar at Pohang University of Science and Technology and Vergina Tech.  Dr. Kim's research experiences include:
    • <>Peptide-lipid membrane interaction study by using static solid-state NMR techniques, Polymer torsion angle determination by using MAS solid-state NMR techniques.
    • <>Structure analysis of Alzheimer disease-related small peptides.
    • Coke MRI and optical pumping of Xe gas.

Undergraduate Student
    Jessie Ku (Surp: Summer 2008)

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