January 27, 2005 was a big day.

Dr. Ron Larson dazzled a standing-room-only crowd at his Lacey Lecture, DNA & Microfluidics. But more importantly (at least for this page), we officially dedicated the new Undergraduate Laboratory for Molecular Engineering.

Sure. By this time students used the lab for nearly four weeks. And they even completed the first round of eXperiment Swap. But Joyce & Ed McDowell and Greg Stone got their first peek at how their contributions changed the face of undergraduate laboratory instruction in Chemical Engineering.

Pictured (from left to right): Rick Flagan, Joyce McDowell, Ed McDowell, Greg Stone, Mark Davis, David Tirrell. Rick Flagan presents the donors with a small token of the Department's appreciation.
Penny Gunterman (BS05ChE) describes an experiment with donors, Joyce and Ed McDowell (PhD64ChE). Karen Sum Ping (BS05ChE) and donor, Greg Stone (MS74ChE), discuss law school.

You've probably seen pictures of the finished lab, but how did the lab get that way? That leads us to Extreme Makeover: Lab Edition: How'd They Do That? This series of pictures should give you a clearer picture of the process.